Unique Artists & Performers

60 Second Novelist
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Airbrush Tattoo Artist

Airbrush or transfer the latest designs including the newest craze, body crystals!

  • Requires: 6 x 8 area, cocktail table, 2 Chairs & 20 Amp Circuit

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Balloon Artist
Our artist can create anything your heart desires, providing hours of enjoyment for your guests whether they are watching or playing with their new creations.
  • Approximately: 30 per hour
  • Requires: 6’ x 8’ Roaming Area

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Billiards Professional
Your guests can watch, learn or compete with our very own pool professional!  Learn trick shots, watch as he/she can run the table and/or try and beat an unbeatable professional.  This is sure to keep even the toughest crowd playing at the billiards table.
  • Requires: Pool Table
  • (Check Availability Before Booking)

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Bubble Guy
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Candy Sculpturing
This ancient Chinese art now comes to your event. The artist twists, spins and sculpts beautiful pieces and animals out of soft, taffy-like candy, then puts it on a lollipop stick. These Candies are precious enough to keep, but good enough to eat. Mime like activities will keep your guests guessing and amazed!
  • Requires: 8’ x 8’ Roaming
  • (Check Availability Before Booking)
Let our artists capture the “real you” by drawing your cartoon image.
  • Available in: Color or Black & White.
  • Requires: Cocktail Table, 2 chairs & 20 Amp Circuit or lighting
Celebrities & Characters
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Cigar Rollers
These well traveled, Dominican-trained roller(s) will hand roll approximately 20-25 cigars an hour, while entertaining your guests or customers with all aspects of the cigar making process. (Custom Bands can be imprinted, and cigars can be rolled in advance).
  • Approximately: 20-25 per hour
  • Requires: 6’ Table, 2 Chairs & 20 Amp circuit
Circus Act
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Etch-A-Sketch Artist
This artist creates your image in less than 5 minutes on a miniature etch a sketch for you to take home.

  • (Check Availability Before Booking)

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Face Painting
Our artists create various designs from clown faces, to abstract designs accented with sparkles and feathers.
  • Requires: 6 x 8 area, cocktail table, [2] Chairs & 20 Amp Circuit
Fashion Artist
Our design consultant will fashion sketch the garment you and your guests are wearing.  This is just the way Calvin Klein, Betsy Johnson and others create your outfits, as seen on Project Runway. Includes a Polaroid of the actual outfit your guest is wearing!
  • Requires: Cocktail Table, 2 chairs & 20 Amp Circuit or lighting
Flash Tattoos
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Fortune Teller / Palm Reader / Tarot Card Reader
  • Requires: Cocktail Table, 2 chairs & 20 Amp Circuit or lighting
  • Includes: 4 continuous hours of readings with 10 minute breaks per hour

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Glass Blowing
Our professional glass expert creates beautiful glass sculptures.
  • Includes: Glass blower, assistant, and dozens of different designs, animals, sport items, musical instruments and more
  • Requires: 8’ x 10’ Area, 6ft table, 2 Chairs & 20 Amp Circuit
  • (Check Availability Before Booking)
Ice Sculptures
A Sampling of our many designs for ice bars, ice shot lounges/slide, and martini glass shaped drink fountain. Bar or sculpture can be customized to fit any theme or event.
  • Requires: [1] 20 amp circuit, 12 x 12 area, 3-4 hours access into venue
  • (Check Availability Before Booking)
iPad Caricaturist
Let our artists capture the “real you” by drawing your cartoon image.
  • Includes: 4 x 6 prints
  • Requires: [1] 6ft table, 2 chairs & 20 Amp Circuit
Living Statue
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How did he do that will ring out through your party! Our magicians will simply amaze your guests.

Massage Therapist
Let our artists capture the “real you” by drawing your cartoon image.
  • Approximately: 10 guest per hour
  • Requires: 8’ x 8’ Area

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Jaw-dropping entertainment! He will simply amaze your guests by reading their minds, having cards float around and land on the outside of a window, and so much more!
  • Requires: 8’ x 8’ Roaming Area
  • (Check Availability Before Booking
Our multi-talented performers will keep your guests entertained for hours. Fire eating, juggling, magic, stilt walking and plate spinning are just some of their many talents.
Origami Artist
The Japanese art of paper folding comes to your event! Our artist can create almost anything you can imagine without scissors, tape or glue.
  • Requires: Cocktail Table, 2 chairs & 20 Amp Circuit or lighting

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What do your shoes say about you?
  • Requires: Cocktail Table, 2 chairs & 20 Amp Circuit or lighting

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Table Ladies
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The Party Painter (Check Availability Before Booking)
Have a painting drawn of your event! This talented artist captures the feel and look of your party on a canvas painting. A great memory that will last forever!
  • Includes: Party painter, and large canvas painting for you to take home
  • Requires: 10’ X 10’ Area, stage or platform for him/her to view the room!
Trivia Expert
The kids will not leave our trivia expert’s side! Your guest will be thirsty for knowledge without even realizing they are learning! What could be better at a party?
  • Requires: 8’ x 8’ Roaming Area, prizes