Audio Video Stations

Digital Recording Studio
Guests delight in their favorite tunes. Jumping up to the mic, guests perform their version of their favorite songs and walk away with a digital recording of their performance.
  • 8′ x 10′ Area, 15 Amp Circuit

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Dub Smashable
The hottest trending app is brought to life when we combine a selfie video station with famous quotes. In Dubsmash you find your favorite sounds, tape, laugh, email & repeat.
  • 12′ x 8′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

Dub Smashable - Full Set Up-small watermark

HVO (Karaoke for Movies)
Did you ever think to yourself I could say those lines better and/or I could have written a funnier line then that?  Here is your chance; Record or “Dub” your own voice over scenes from Hollywood movies. Try to match it exactly or change it up a bit. Do scenes with multiple characters or monologues. It’s perfect for the movie buff or the aspiring impressionist. Nothing has ever been this much fun to do and this funny to watch!
Approximately: 10-15 performances an hour (up to 3 guests at a time) Includes: Personalized labels at no additional fee, 3 attendants & unlimited DVD’s
  • 12′ x 15′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit & (1) 6′ Table

HVO (Karoke For Movies) - Full Set Up (down angle)-small watermark

It’s fun and easy to star in your own Music video Toon’s, ust choose your favorite song, put on a smile, and bob your head to the beat! Each song can be done with 1, 2, or 3 people.
  • 10′ x 12′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuits & (1) 6′ Table + 2 Chairs

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Scratch Master D.J.
Now is your chance to become a Hip Hop DJ!!!!  Our expert DJ will teach you and your guests how to scratch records!
  • 12′ x 15′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit & (1) 6′ Table

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Sports Center Booth
Host your very own Sports Center. Our complete set, allows two guests at a time to read the days sporting headlines, and leave a heart filled message to the guest of honor. Set comes with desk, backdrop, camera, & script.
  • 12′ x 15′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

Sports Center Booth - 2 Guys (medium shot)-small watermark

Video Confessional Booth
Created to fit your theme any concept can be designed!  The dreaded presentations typically become a time drain on your party or an unprofessional video edit.  This removes both scenarios and creates a lasting memory for the rest of your Child’s life plus leaves the guest smiling.  A Video DVD will be mailed 1 week after the event. Approximately: 10-15 Performances an hour (up to 5 guests at a time).
  • 12′ x 15′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

Confessional Booth - Grey's Desk-small watermark

Video Star App Videos
4 iPads all setup to large plasma screens and tuned to the Video Star App. Guest choose from up to 12 different song’s and shoot there very own video with props and director a the station, once finished and edited by your very own gust we will e-mail the video’s from site.
  • 15′ x 15′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuit

Video Star App - Full Set Up-small watermark

Virtual Guest
Freestanding dome shaped kiosk where a Virtual Character floats inside and interacts with your guests. Characters can

vary depending on the Theme of your event. I.E. Genie, Mr. know-it-all, Shopping Maven, Sports Fanatic, etc.

  • 8′ x 8′ Area + Separate 10′ x 10′, (2) 20 Amp Circuit

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