A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a day you’ve been looking forward to for years. The Idea of adulthood has always lingered on the horizon, just out of reach, but on that fateful day you won’t be a child anymore you’ll be a man or a woman and it’s as exciting for you as it is for your parents and everyone else around you. It makes sense that this milestone is marked by an incredible event, but where to begin? Turn to an event planner with more than just considerable experience. Turn to an event planner like Creative Games Inc that ensures that your event is not only amazing but that it’s completely unique.

After you’ve chosen a date, decided on whether or not you’ll use kosher or non-kosher food, you’re ready to bring your personality to the party. Contact Creative Games where we provide the opportunity to make a party entirely your own and completely unforgettable. We can provide everything for your party from an arts and crafts stand, to LED light-up sports games, creative, personalized concessions stands, game shows and so much more. Your imagination is the only limit you’ll encounter when you’re embarking on a party planning project with us.

Share your ideas with us and together we can create an event, not just imitate one.


Check out our expansive gallery featuring our previous projects and the incredible execution of our party planning portfolio.

All of our events are punctuated by our entirely unprecedented way of approaching the event. It’s more than creating something that’s centered around your personality or your image, it’s about a memory. A milestone like this can only be marked by an event that can be translated into an unforgettable night that you’ll be hard-pressed to beat when it’s time for your child’s special night.