Since video killed the radio star, it’s been all about the unstoppable audio/video combo, and your event’s entertainment should be no different. Through pure innovation and tenacious energy Creative Games has created various entertainments that are sure to baffle and please your guests for the entire length of your event. Our vision with each amenity came together with an impressive fluidity that shows in the set-up and production of each service.

Our Event Planning Selections

When you plan an event with Creative Games, whether it’s a wedding, bar mitzvah or a corporate party, we’re here to encourage and foster your creativity. All of the below event planning selections are merely templates that area created to be flexible enough to both fit your needs and your personality so that the event is an extension of you.

Audio Video Combinations

As one of our favorite services we provide, this selection shows our most creative and unique ideas to the forefront. From Karaoke Movies to the Video Confessional Booth the Audio Video service packages are some of our most unique selection of amenities the we can provide. This package of services is unique in that it nearly guarantees a perfect snapshot of the event in the form of a auditory and visual representation of the event. In one swoop you’ll have immortalized the experience, and the exact way you and your guests experienced life at this point in time.

Other Event Planning Services

Going big on an event in Hell’s Kitchen seems only natural, doesn’t it? Browse our wide selection of other amenities that you and your guests can enjoy at your upcoming event. We can provide food concessions that can be ultra- personalized from a special 7-11 with a smoothie machine all the way down to a fully outfitted candy shop, dripping in sugary goodness. Going big? Shop our storage options so your guests can stow away their accessories and go to enjoy a number of the entertainments you’ve scheduled to ensure your event is unforgettable like a unique performer or artist and a completely unique photobooth that suits your theme.  

Contact Creative Games

Have some ideas about what your event can be? Use our ideas as a springboard and try to come up with event entertainment and planning that will knock your guest’s socks off because it’s completely your own. We’ll turn your passing fancies into reality.