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Creating Events

To be remembered for a lifetime

Got Sports?

16 Player Foosball

16 Players at 1 time play Foosball Requires: 16′ x 5′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

4 Player Ping Pong

Every person plays “four” themselves Requires: 10′ x 10′ Area

8 Player Foosball Table

8 Players at 1 time play Foosball Requires: 6′ x 8′ Area

Arm Chair Quarter Back

Most of us will watch our favorite TV sports from the comfort of our arm chairs. Although passionate about our favorite teams, our involvement goes only as far as shouting at the TV. Armchair Quarterback…that all changes! Take a seat in our interactive armchair and get into the heart of the action. Requires: 12′ x 15′ x 9′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuit

Billiards Table

Professional style tables complete with all accessories & attendant. Custom branded tables & balls can be created at an additional cost. Requires: 10′ x 10′ Area & Double Doors for Load In

Bouncy Boxing

Players compete in a giant inflatable ring with oversized boxing gloves. Requires: 12′ x 15′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

Disco Pop-A-Shot

The Disco Pop-A-Shot is a new high tech spin on the classic tournament style game. Our Disco Pop-A-Shots come with a clear Lucite backboard with LED’s that can be lit to match any party, and is topped off by a spinning mirrored ball in the center. Requires: 10′ x 15′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuit

Gladiator Joust

Gold Fish Racing

Two lanes are set up and live gold fish are placed at the starting line. Guests blow into a straw, which in turn moves the water current swiftly, propelling the fish. Requires: 10′ x 10′ Area, (2) 6′ Tables & Access to Water

Grand Prix Racers

Our 20 x 30 oval race track (smaller when necessary) with four steering wheels on the outside, allows you to become the NASCAR driver controlling all the action on these remote controllers. Two attendants have an electronic score board counting laps. Winners compete in final races, and trophies are awarded. Requires: 25′ x 30′ Area, 15 Amp Circuit

Hermit Crab Races

Bet a hunch on your favorite hermit crab; they are painted in bright radical colors, and the first crab out of the circle wins. Winners receive prizes and their winning crab to take home. Requires: 8′ x 10′ Area, 15 Amp Circuit & 60″ Round

Sports Cage

Radar measures how fast you throw the ball or your distance. Requires: 12′ x 15′ x 15′ Area, 15 Amp Circuit

Home Run Derby

Step into our 8’ x 10’ arena complete with a plasma or flat screen TV, and let the Home Run Derby begin! We provide a virtual bat and virtual MLB pitcher, and the guest with the most homeruns in 1 turn at the end of the night will win a prize (customizable). Requires: 10′ x 12′ Area, 15 Amp Circuit

Human Bowling

Giant clear inflatable spheres that players are enclosed in. By walking and coordinating your eyes, hands, and feet, the two players race against each other to knock down bowling pins. Requires: 20′ x 30′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuit

LED Tables

Ping Pong gets a high tech upgrade. The table lights up to match the colors of your party. Requires: 10′ x 10′ Area Air Hockey Table taken to a new level! The table lights up to match the colors of your party. Requires: 10′ x 5′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit, Double Doors Need & No Stairs for Load In LED Pool Table with an LED Billiards balls. Requires: 10′ x 10′ Area

Mechanical Bull

Ride’em Cowboy. Test your balance and core strength as you battle our bucking bull. Challenge your friends and see who can stay on the longest. Requires: 25′ x 25′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuit

Mini Golf

Miniature golf, also known as minigolf or putt putt golf, is an offshoot of the sport of golf focusing solely on the putting aspect of its parent game. Our 3-hole course comes with putting greens, obstacles, golf balls, golf clubs & attendant. Requires: 3 Hole: 20′ x 15′ Area 9 Hole: 30′ x 50′ Area

Nike Jump Challenge

Who would be drafted higher in the NBA draft based on their combine performance? That’s a question you will no longer need to ponder. Our Nike Jump station measures how high you can jump, how fast you can run, and other statistics with our Fitbit we provide to guests. Requires: 10′ x 15′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

Plunk It

Ping Pong Meets Basketball. Plunk It is an addictive experience for 2 or 4 players, and is even more fun than it looks. Our Plunk It comes equipped with a scoreboard, shot clock, scrolling marquee & an attendant. Requires: 3′ x 4′ Area


Imagine 9 holes of Mini Golf, but played with a pool stick. Different colored cue balls on a pool table top surface but with mini golf props; What a combination! Requires: 8′ x 6′ Area Per Table

Rock Climbing Wall

Skateboard Sim

Show off your Tony Hawk style & skills as you kick flip and Ollie on our skateboard simulator. Inflatable mats cushion participants in case they get a bit too adventurous on the board. Requires: 25′ x 25′ x 12′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuit

Sports Science

Made Famous by ESPN, We will video tape the guest of honor prior to the event then have kids compete on site vs. the Virtual Sports Science Avatar! Requires: 10′ x 20′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

Sports Tourneys

Four Guest at a time step up to four Identical Sports Arcades Games of your Choice. From Double Pop-A-Shots (March Madness), Football Throws (Playoff Run) Foosballs (World Cup) and more! With our Referee help the fun never stops Guests Play until the Tournament is finished! Prizes are given to the final four and bragging rights to the winner. Requires: Includes: [4] Identical Sports Arcade Games & [2] Referees Requires: 15′ x 10′ area, 20 amp circuits

Sports Trivia Person

Includes $100 in Gold Coins as prizes, lets see who really knows the most about sports Requires: 2 Bottles of Water

Sports Wheel

The wheel consists of different baseball and football teams. Guests try to pick which team the wheel will stop on to win a prize. Requires: 8′ x 8′ Area & (1) 6′ Table

Street Hoops

Urban themed Pop-A-Shot with 2 hosts and a tournament setup includes prizes to the winners. Requires: 16′ x 20′ x 10′ Area, 20 Amp Circuit

Surf Board Simulator

Guests will hang ten, as they showcase their balancing skills riding & carving our pretend waves. Onlookers will howler with delight as surfers eat it trying to ride the “Big One”. Requires: 25′ x 25′ x 12′ Area, (2) 20 Amp Circuit