Erick Mauro

Erick is the founder and president of Creative Games Inc.

Erick was groomed working along side numerous event planning industry legends for two decades. Having the ethic, dedication, and skill to guide his entrepreneurial spirit, Erick realized his dream to be a company president by the age of 30.

Erick’s professionalism and creativity have helped Creative Games Inc. become a leader in the social markets for games and activities. His ability to craft an unique and memorable experience has allowed Erick the opportunity to work for clients that include Google, Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank, Heineken, Morgan Stanley, Phizer, Men’s Health, & Bloomberg News among others valuable clients.

Today, Erick still rolls up his sleeves to personally help set up and break down his events. His passion for his company, and this industry have not changed since the day he first founded Creative Games Inc in 2009. He is constantly honing his ability to reinvent of innovate. He attributes these skills to being an active father of three and attentive husband. All of his best ideas come in live time as he’s creating games and activities when he’s just being a dad.